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What Our Customers and Collegues Are Saying

Truly the Best of the Best
After having problems with our geothermal heat pump for over a year, we called Enertech and asked them for the name of their best HVAC dealer in the area and they gave us your company name - Massmannn Geothermal. You sent out your technicians and they quickly solved the problem. Enertech was 'dead right' - you and your entire team is the very best and we are extremely grateful! Thank You!

- Jeff B.

Excellent Service, Great Service Technician
We had Massmann out for some service work to get our heated floors working. They really have not worked properly for several years. Their service technician, was on time and re-educated us on our system, so we now know how to operate the system with confidence. He found and replaced a faulty component and the heated floors have been working perfectly since. When your feet are warm, you are warm.

- R. B.

Geo Service
I found Massmann to be very easy to deal with, offering straightforward answers and solutions to my geo thermal and hvac problems. Their onsite tech was very knowledgeable and I felt like he had my best interest at heart. I highly recommend them and will use them for my future hvac needs. Peter C. 4. High quality from start to finish Bottom line Massmann does an outstanding job at every detail. Engagement thru the end products are top notch. I had infloor tubing and a geothermal system installed on our new house. You feel great with the other contractors are asking you who did the tubing and saying it is the best they have ever seen. Knowing that every detail has been taken care of at the highest quality gives me great piece of mind for the future.

- Thanks!!! Peter C.

The Best All Around! Knowledgeable, Courteous, and Friendly!
All of the technicians that I have worked with are great! They really know geothermal systems well, and take the time to explain what is happening, why it is happening, and what can be done to resolve the situation quickly and affordably! Our systems weren't originally installed by Massmann, so they have had to find affordable solutions to some issues that have come up due to our systems being installed early on in the world of geothermal technology. The original installers also did things a bit differently than Massmann would have, which has created some unique challenges that the tech's have had to find ways to work around. We rely solely on our Geo. systems for heating and cooling, so it is very important when a unit is down that it gets up and running ASAP! Massmann does everything they can to work us in as soon as the schedule allows. Massmann's office staff is honest, realistic and fair with their scheduling. If they have the guys booked solid, and it is not an emergency they set up a realistic time frame to get the issue taken care of. In more emergency situations, they all ways try to work it in as soon as they can. They ask if we can be flexible with our schedule so that if their tech has unexpected time available in their schedule, they will call and set up a time to meet and diagnose the issue. Again, this is on the small stuff. That said, I would whole heartedly recommend Massmann Geothermal for your HVAC needs!

- Ken, Freshwaters Church

My Geothermal Experience
I am very pleased at the professionalism of Massmann Geo. I dealt directly with Jason (owner). Jason gave me a quote on the system that was right for me. I was also dealing with another company that wanted to replace my furnace and gave me a bid close to $30,000. Jason was a lot less and determined my furnace was fine and only gave me what I needed. I just got my first electric bill since the system was installed and I spent $27 to heat, air condition and heat water for one month. Fantastic! I have been recommending Massmann Geothermal to everyone I talk too. All of his workers were very helpful, knowledgeable and enjoyed working for Jason. This is a sign of an excellent company. I can't say enough for the great job they did. Thank you Jason and all your staff!

- Ken, Freshwaters Church

We are extremely pleased with our recent installation of the geothermal system. Entire staff were friendly and worked very hard to get the project done in a timely fashion. Answered all of our questions. Would definitely recommend them to anyone considering this as their heating and cooling option.

- Darcy J.

The reason Massmann is considered a premium partner in simple: They are committed to providing exceptional service and workmanship on 100% of the work they do for Gordon James. Our customers expect only the best from us. In turn, we expect on the best for our partners, and that’s exactly what we get from Massmann.

- Thanks!!! John Q.

Our company has worked with Jason Massmann and his company since 2007 where we hired Jason to install a 7 ton geothermal system. We decided to sign a contract with Jason once we were confident that the products being sold, the high quality of installation and competence amonst his staff was thoroughly checked out. 10 years later, we are very pleased with the performance of the system and the homeowner has ZERO complaints about their HVAC system. Our working relationship has carried on 10 years for a reason.

The crew at Massmann has been constant over the years, which is different from other companies with high amounts of turnover with employees. This is a positive attribute for all parties affected from the standpoint of consistency. When the inevitable problem arises, the install team and service teams are readily available to assist in getting the system back to operational.

The key installers - Jon, Corey, Clint and the service tech Ben all do a fantastic job working with the clients to help understand what is installed in their home. These guys know how to make the mechanical room look and operate in a streamlined and organized way. Today's systems are complex and are tied all together - these guys all make it easy to understand. Using high quality mechanical equipment makes all the differences in our homes. A motto that our company lives by is one of Benjamin Franklin - "The bitterness of poor workmanship remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." This is true with anything in your home. Jason knows this and lives by similar values. Jason and his office staff are available to answer the phone and receptive to emails.

I highly recommend Massmann Geothermal for anything HVAC. Do your due diligence and find out the differences between them and the competition - you will be pleasantly surprised.

- Andy M.

Jorgenson Homes has used Massmann Geothermal for many of our new build projects as well as some remodeling projects. We are very pleased with the professionalism, and dependency that you provide. We know that when you commit to being on a job site, we can always rely on you to get your work completed in a timely manner. We have always felt welcome to call with any questions or concerns, and if there are any issues on the job site, they always get taken care of. We also really appreciate the thoroughness of your estimates, they always include a good amount of details, and that the calculations have already been figured. We will definitely be using Massmann Geothermal for more work in the future.

- Sincerely Jorgenson Homes

We have used Massmann Geothermal for many of our new build projects as well as some remodeling projects. We are very pleased with the professionalism, and dependency that you provide. We know that when you commit to being on a job site, we can always rely on you to get your work completed in a timely manner. We have always felt welcome to call with any questions or concerns, and if there are any issues on the job site, they always get taken care of. We also really appreciate the thoroughness of your estimates, they always include a good amount of details, and that the calculations have already been figured. We will definitely be using Massmann Geothermal for more work in the future.

- Sincerely, Jeff J.

Massmann Geothermal did a great job installing my Geothermal system in Princeton MN. I’m very satisfied with the results. Massmann’s Knowledge & expertise in Geothermal system design helped to appropriately size my heating & cooling system. I thought I would need a much larger system than I actually needed. Massmann Geothermal’s recommendation saved me money on purchase cost and ongoing operating costs. They have great support & follow-up! I would DEFINITELY use their services again and would refer them to my family & friends!

- Greg Puent Princeton, MN

We are very glad we decided to install a Geothermal System. Massmann is a great company and an awesome group of people to work with. Jason was always helpful answering any questions we had and addressing any of our concerns. We had a couple of rooms that were colder in winter and warmer in the summer than the rest of the house. That issue was addressed and Jason came up with a fix. Those rooms are now comfortable year round. He and his crew were always courteous and treated our home respect and care.

In our first year with the geothermal system (2014 and remember how cold that was.Burr) these were our costs: Heating $375 Cooling $47 and hot water $133.

With our old heating system it would have cost us between $1500 and $2500 depending on the price of propane. Clearly we saved over $1000 our first year.

We have found that we no longer need to keep our thermostat set at 65- 67 degrees, we can keep it at any temp we choose and not worry about the cost. Generally 70 or 72 degrees, which is very comfortable. We don’t notice temperature changes like we did with our old heating system. At first you will notice the geothermal system runs longer and more frequent and that keeps the temperature consistent.

Because 2014 was so cold and propane was in high demand and supplies were limited it shot up to $4 a gallon. So 300 gallons which would last about 5 or 6 weeks would have cost $1200. Unusual but could happen again. The geothermal system is more expensive up front but Jason will calculate and run a printout to show you how long it will take to pay for itself with the yearly energy savings.

If you are thinking of replacing your heating system or building a new home you really should consider calling Massmann Geothermal for excellent service.

- Ang and Jon Kotnik Princeton, MN

We became aware of Massmann Geothermal at the Home Show in Minneapolis this past spring. Even though we are nearly 2 hours south of Massman’s home base, they were interested in quoting our job. After receiving quotes from Massmann and another installer that were highly rated, we chose to go with Massmann. To date, we are extremely pleased with our decision. Jason did an exceptional job of describing the project ahead of time and it was executed exactly as described.

We love the energy efficiency and cost savings vs our forced air furnace and central air conditioner. The geothermal unit is quiet and clean and it’s great to have the energy efficiency for both heating and cooling so we can run the heat in the morning after the cool nights and A/C in the afternoon if it gets too warm.

In our experience, the best run businesses tend to have owners that are very “hands on” as is the case with Massmann. Jason was on-site during the project and all crew members knew their role and performed it well. We would definitely recommend Massmann to anyone looking for a Geothermal system.

- Troy and Lori Ammann Le Sueur, MN

Massmann Geothermal and their crew were very professional & accommodating. They removed the old system & installed the new one in less than a day. They were very careful to make sure nothing was damaged when taking out the old system since it was quite large.

They answered all my questions & advised me on how to keep my system running properly. For Geothermal I would not go anywhere else and when someone asks about Geo I only have Massmann in my phonebook.

- Jenine C, Isanti MN

Jason is competitively priced on his installation. He & His crew’s installation experience are unbeatable. After our well field (loop field) was installed Jason & crew managed to install the entire system in one day to get it operating, while also removing the old A/C unit & furnace.

The new system moves a higher volume of air in the winter time so it was a different sound to get used to. The summer operation is quiet & cools the house very quickly. It took a couple of evenings during peak shaves by the power company to figure out what the settings for the furnace should be, because the furnace fan doesn’t know the heat pump is off until the temperature drops off by a couple of degrees to start our back up propane.

Jason’s staff was prompt for coming back to make adjustments & replace a part in the controls that did not seem to operate correctly.

Now we get to the best part: we heated the entire house for $240.00 for the winter of 14/15. The home is 2,100 sq. ft. I would do geothermal in anything I would ever build new. The extra initial cost is well worth the investment.

- Gary & Jean N, North Field MN

Massmann Geothermal and Mechanical did a fabulous job of quickly and efficiently installing our new system. They took less time than they predicted they would need, they cleaned up after themselves and left us with a house that is much warmer and comfortable in all corners in the winter and a pleasure to be in during the summer months. Our previous system was expensive to run, left some rooms very cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Our annual cost for heating costs were about $2000 per year, and our cooling costs were $400 or more. Our electrical costs currents for cooling are none. Our heating cost $600 per winter. Jason is courteous, committed to standing behind his company and the work they do. It was the right decision to have Massmann install a geothermal system in our home.

- Deborah H, Elk River MN

Dear Jason:

My Geo System has been operating for about 3 months. I am pleased with its operation and looking forward to next winter and having some nominal heating costs.

Your crew should be commended on the fine installation work they did. I was most impressed by their expertise in getting the job done right. It was a pleasure to have them here.

Thank you and your company for making this installation easy.

- Mike M, North Branch MN

To the crew of Massmann Geothermal,

You installed our geothermal system May of 2014 after a very long, cold & expensive winter heating our house with propane. Jason was very professional and informative. Thought the initial price was a little over whelming (thank god for the 30% tax credit) we saw on paper that it would cut our heating cost big time.

After a year I can testify that their estimation was accurate! Before our average propane bill from Dec-May was $600.00/month. With the geothermal the most we paid was $100/month. Hot water hasn’t been over $12.00 and to run the air conditioner hasn’t been over $25/month.

The best part is we stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter =) Because of the huge propane cost, we weren’t able to keep it at the temperature we would’ve liked. Oh, and what’s even better? I don’t think we used a stitch of propane all winter! So yes, I’m very much an advocate for the geothermal system & Massmann is a great team to work with!

- Justin & Kim D, Princeton MN

Jason was much more organized with his bid and really took the time to explain the system and worked with me to satisfy my goals. We used to use approx. $1,200/yr in propane and still use it for cooking and fireplace. 2 years after putting in the geothermal I had to put $175.00 in LP to top off what we used.

Geothermal has really increased the air flow in our home making it much warmer in the winter & cool in the summer. They even came back out and added another vent for my kid’s room later to improve the temp in this room which made a big difference as we no longer need a space heater. I compared 3 different vendors before picking Massmann, and I made the right choice.

Being a doctor, my time is very valuable, and Jason always showed up when he said and completed the job on time. I would recommend Jason and his crew as my family is completely satisfied with his work.

- Dan M, Foley MN

In our previous house we would have $300.00-$400.00 gas bills per month
and $100.00 + air conditioning bills per month in the summer.  When we built our new home I looked into different options for heating & cooling.

I was recommended to Massmann Geothermal & Mechanical and decided geothermal was the right choice. Our total bills for heating, cooling and domestic hot water were $634.00 for the first 12 months, that's a little over $50.00 per month on a 4800 square foot home. My only regret is not heating my garage with geothermal as it costs as much to heat it with gas, as the rest of  the house with geothermal.

- Jamie Michael, Prior Lake, MN 

At the recommendation of our contractor, we had Massmann Geothermal install a complete hydronic (under floor radiant heat) in the entire basement, 2 bathrooms and garage and a forced air Geothermal system throughout the entire home. We are heating and cooling our home (just a tad over 4,000 sq) and our garage of 980 feet.

Our hard cost numbers for heat/cooling from November 2007 to April 2008 has been $538.08. Including domestic hot water, as we also installed a
“Super De-Heater" that’s only $89.68 month, compared to our other home of $275.00 a month for natural gas alone. These numbers are right off my electric bills from MVEC.

We keep the home at a comfortable 72 degrees, year round. In addition to the substantial savings over fossil fuel, I feel Massmann offers one of the best parts/labor warranties in the business. The on-time performance, neatness of the installation, and Massmann's commitment to excellence went well above and beyond my expectations. Yes, We’d do it again without any reservations whatsoever.

- Jim & Bonnie- Jordan, MN


Clint did show up and do the installation and showed me how to adjust. Thank you so much. He is such a nice, responsible, and intellegent young man. He asks questions to make sure he has what he is working on the way the customer desires. Many of your staff that I worked with have this quality. A good team.

We are very pleased with our investment and are encouraging others to do the same.

It was a pleasure doing business with you.

- Carol B.

In 2008 we demolished a 1950’s cabin on Spring Lake (Scott County, just southwest of Minneapolis) and built a new home with a local contractor who was excellent. Our contractor introduced us to Mr. Jason Massmann who brought us up the learning curve on the value and economics of geo-thermal heating and cooling. We concluded that even though the installation cost of geo-thermal heating and cooling was almost twice that of a conventional gas furnace and outside electric air conditioner, that the 5 year payback and longer life of the equipment was worth the additional installation cost. Also, geo-thermal is considerably superior environmentally and uses “off-peak” electricity which is about half the price of “regular” metered residential electricity (from MVEC, Minnesota Valley Electric Company). The footprint of our house is 2,200 sq. feet and total of two levels is 4,400 sq. feet which are important inputs into the sizing of the geo-thermal unit and vertical loops (we had 5 wells drilled).

After several months of analysis, we decided to purchase a GeoComfort GT Unit 5 ton geo-thermal unit with 5 vertical loops (on our ½ acre lot) from and have installed by Massmann Geothermal & Mechanical LLC in Zimmerman, MN.

The installation including well drilling was completed in several weeks and was “on-time” for us to get a Certificate of Occupancy and move into our new home in October, 2008.

Now after three years of operation (2008 to 2011), we are very pleased with our decision for geo-thermal and for Jason Massmann. He is here for an annual service maintenance ($200) and I am confident that if anything bad happened, he would be here quickly to solve the problem. We recommend Jason Massmann highly and are open to discussing this with any of Jason’s prospective clients.

- D. B. Thorsen

Massmann Geothermal & Mechanical LLC is not only the leading GeoComfort dealer, but the leading geothermal dealer in the state of Minnesota. Massmann Geothermal has a great reputation for the highest quality workmanship, along with the highest level of customer satisfaction. Jason Massmann prides himself on only doing things the right way. He treats his customers with respect, and provides them with excellent service after the sale.

GeoComfort has recognized Massmann Geothermal over the past 6 years with many awards due to his outstanding performance as a dealer. Jason Massmann and his employees are highly trained in all aspects of geothermal systems from design, to installation, to service.

GeoComfort would highly recommend Massmann Geothermal & Mechanical to any and all customers looking for the best geothermal system at the most competitive price.

- Brian Urlaub, Regional Manager, Enertech, Inc.