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Geothermal Information

How a Geothermal System Works

Throughout the year, Minnesota temperatures fluctuate with the changing seasons. However, about four to six feet below the Earth's surface, Minnesota temperatures remain relatively moderate and consistent all year (about 50 degrees F, in MN). This is because the Earth absorbs 47% of all heat and energy from the sun that reaches the surface. A geothermal system circulates a water-based fluid through a buried loop system to take advantage of these consistent temperatures.


Geothermal Heat Cycle

During the heating process, fluid in the loop absorbs heat from the earth. It is transferred to the unit located in the home. The geothermal system distributes the warm, comfortable air by either a conventional duct system or radiant heat system.


Geothermal Cooling Cycle

For cooling, the geothermal system process is simply reversed. The warmer temperatures in your home are removed and transferred to the loop fluid. The heat in the fluid is deposited into the ground and the fluid is cooled.


How a Geothermal System Compares


Based on 3,500 square foot home. 76,600 BTU Heat Loss. 40,000 BTU Heat Gain. 4 Persons in household for domestic hot water.
Fuel costs used are $0.042/kwh heating. $.082/kwh cooling. $1.10/therm for natural gas, $1.70/gallon for LP gas, and
16 SEER efficiency for air conditioner.
Actual savings may vary. Massmann Geothermal can provide you with a free and detailed analysis.

  • Annual Heating, Cooling, and Hot Water Costs for Geothermal System = $843.00
  • Annual Heating, Cooling, and Hot Water costs for Natural Gas = $2,355.00
  • Annual Heating, Cooling, and Hot Water costs for LP Gas = $3,787.00

Environmental Impact of Geothermal

Geothermal is recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as the most environmentally safe, cost-effective heating and cooling system on the market.  The installation of one geothermal system is the environmental equivalent to removing two cars from the street.


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