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Geothermal FAQ's

Do Geothermal systems work in Minnesota?
Geothermal in Minnesota works better than most other areas in the country. Since here in Minnesota we have the long cold winter and enough summer months to re-energize the loop field for the following winter. Geothermal in Minnesota is an ideal answer for your heating, cooling and domestic hot water needs.

Why are homeowners in Minnesota switching to Geothermal?

  • Geothermal systems in Minnesota have a much lower operating cost than conventional heating & cooling systems
  • Geothermal systems in Minnesota do not require any outdoor units
  • Geothermal systems in Minnesota are environmentally friendly
  • Geothermal systems in Minnesota like the rest of the US can qualify for a 30% federal tax credit on energy star equipment
  • Most Electrical utilities and Co-ops offer rebates for Geothermal systems installed in Minnesota.

How long do Geothermal systems in Minnesota last?
The life expectancy of a Geothermal system in Minnesota is 20 to 30 years on the Indoor equipment. (Heat Pump) However, Geothermal Loop fields in Minnesota have a 300 year life expectancy. Thus, in most cases a one-time investment for the life of the home.

How do you know if you will benefit from a Geothermal system in Minnesota?
Geothermal systems will always benefit you in Minnesota. Except in very rare situations.

What types of Geothermal loops fields can you install in Minnesota?

  • There are many different types of Geothermal loop installations here in Minnesota:
    • Horizontal excavated trench Geothermal Loop fields
    • Horizontally Bored Geothermal Loop fields
    • Vertically Bored Geothermal loop fields
    • Pond & Lake Geothermal loop fields

How do I determine what type of Geothermal loop field is best for me here in Minnesota?

  • First, the Geothermal loop needs to work properly. This is determined by multiple factors:
    • Soil conditions
    • Water table
    • Terrain
    • Available space, keeping in mind your future plans (out buildings, pools, landscaping, and sub dividing of the property)

With this information Massmann Geothermal can provide you with the least expensive loop field that can be properly installed and work on your property. NOTE: Every Geothermal loop field in Minnesota will have the same end performance, as long as it’s installed properly.

What type of heat delivery can a Geothermal system provide in Minnesota?

Geothermal systems in Minnesota can provide conventional forced air, Radiant in-floor and High Velocity

What is the process for installing a Geothermal system in Minnesota?

  • Finding a QUALIFIED contractor first and fore most
  • A proper heat loss calculation is a must for a Geothermal system in Minnesota
  • Proper selection sizing of the Heat pump and loop field is key.
  • City and state licensing and permits are a must for installing Geothermal systems in Minnesota.
  • Install the system with a well experienced and trained contractor
  • Sit back and enjoy the Comfort & Savings of your new geothermal system on the cold winter days here in Minnesota Installed by Massmann Geothermal.

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