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Geothermal Systems & Products

Navigator Multi Positional Two Stage Vertical Packaged Unit

GYT Model

The New Direction of Comfort

The all-new GeoComfort Navigator Series is geothermal that has advanced to meet your changing needs. Each unit is built to the high standards of quality you expect from GeoComfort. This premier system is the ultimate solution for increased efficiency, exceptional reliability and unsurpassed comfort. We’ve transformed the concept of geothermal using state-of the art technology to bring you a heating and cooling system that points to perfection.

Navigator Series Vertical Packaged systems provide forced air heating and cooling like most conventional systems – but the similarities end there. GeoComfort has utilized the most advanced geothermal technology, resulting in a heat pump that is built though to perform season after season and so quiet that you may not even realize it’s running.

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Multi – Positional Two- Stage Vertical Packaged Unit

GXT Model

The Compass® Series vertical packaged model took the industry by storm winning multiple awards such as The NEWS 2010 Dealer Design Awards. The innovative multi-positional cabinet that is field convertible to upflow/downflow with right or left return makes life easier for both dealers and distributors to install and stock.

However, our innovation didn’t stop there. GeoComfort, in its continual drive to be an industry leader, has solved another age-old issue: Formicary corrosion. In 2011, our GXT models began production using an all-aluminum microchannel air coil by Delphi®. Today, both vertical packaged and combination product lines are built using this innovative design.

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Multi-Positional Hydronic Two-Stage Vertical Combination Packaged Unit

GCT Model

All The Comfort. All the Flexibility.

Our combination systems merge a forced air heating and cooling system with the indulgence of whisper-quiet radiant floor heating in a single unit. This system allows your family to enjoy the comfort of floor-warming, hydronic heat in specific parts of your home while also delivering efficient forced air heating in other areas. As with all GeoComfort geothermal systems, air conditioning is also supplied by this single unit.

However, our continual drive of industry leadership and innovation has made a great unit even better. We’ve also solved another age-old issue: Formicary Corrosion. All GCT models are now produced with a standard all-aluminum microchannel air coil by Delphi®.

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Two-Stage Vertical Packaged Unit

GVC Model

Step Out of the Cold. Step Into Comfort.

The all-new GeoComfort Cold Climate™ series is a purpose-built geothermal system. Developed specifically for heating dominant climates, Cold Climate vertical packaged geothermal systems have the highest overall heating capacity per cooling ton. Even in extreme cold, Cold Climate models perform well without additional, supplemental heat sources, resulting in lower operational costs.

TruBalance™ technology with advanced electronics balances heating and cooling capacities to ensure year round comfort. All models are designed to deliver exceptional humidity control in summer, while avoiding over-cooling the living space or short cycling the unit.

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Two-Stage Indoor Split Unit

GST Model

Your Home, Made Better.

The GeoComfort® Compass® Series geothermal split system is probably our most versatile system, equally well suited for new construction and existing home installations. The space-saving footprint of this unit makes it an excellent choice for new construction homes with minimal pace for mechanical equipment. The unit can be used alone or added to a conventional furnace in new or existing homes to supplement the geothermal system in serve temperatures.

In essence, adding a split system to an existing furnace creates a hybrid heating system. This geothermal application is the most efficient, versatile and economical choice for many pre-existing homes.

GeoComfort split systems burn no fossil fuels and will lower your reliance on less efficient conventional systems. As a result your carbon footprint is reduced and that’s good for the environment. Your heating and cooling costs will also be reduced and that’s good for your family.

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Two-Stage Outdoor Split Unit

GRT Model

Easiest. Installation. Ever As retrofit installations become an ever-growing part of the marketplace, the need for simple and quick installation solutions grows as well. In most cases, homeowners don’t want to wait for their new system to be installed, or are in a situation where a quick replacement is necessary.

This is where GeoComfort has yet again set an all-new direction in the industry with the Compass Series Outdoor Split. Designed around years of geothermal installation expertise and feedback from customers, the GRT has some of the most advanced features available. These features allow the installer to place the unit exactly where it needs to go as quickly and easily as possible.

The innovative design of the unit is centered on ease of installation. Sown below, the loop can easily be brought to the unit from almost any angle. Additional, the unit could be rotated 90° counterclockwise if needed.

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Single Stage Water-to-Water Unit

WS/WD Model

Maximum Comfort Plus

Maximum Efficiency – Now in a Smaller Box.

Although the GeoComfort single-stage hydronic models are small in size, they’re big in efficiency! The WS/WD models boast an overall smaller footprint and lighter weight than it’s WT model siblings.

What’s more, GeoComfort single-stage water-to-water models utilize stainless steel brazed plate heat exchangers, a time-proven technology that makes them incredibly efficient. The units are designed to supply heated or chilled water for the use in a wide range of heating and cooling applications such as radiant floor heating or places where zones temperature or humidity controls are needed.

The GWD 120 model features dual compressors for 2-stage operation.

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GeoComfort Compass Water-to-Water Unit Compass Series Two Stage Water to Water

GeoComfort® Compass® Series geothermal systems are expertly designed to be technologically advanced and exceptionally efficient. The result is a heating and cooling system as beautiful as it is functional.

GeoComfort hydronic (water-to-water) units offer a unique set of system benefits, the most remarkable of which is radiant floor heating. This extremely comfortable heating solution warms your home from the floor up, allowing for constant and uniform heat distribution without hot and cold spots. Radiant floor heating is ductless heating. By eliminating the sound of forced air the total system noise is reduced. Compass Series water-to-water units are also reversible and capable of providing chilled water for air conditioning.

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