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Compass Series Two Stage Water to Water

GeoComfort Compass Water-to-Water Unit COMPASS SERIES (Water-to-Water Unit)

GeoComfort® Compass® Series geothermal systems are expertly designed to be technologically advanced and exceptionally efficient. The result is a heating and cooling system as beautiful as it is functional.

GeoComfort hydronic (water-to-water) units offer a unique set of system benefits, the most remarkable of which is radiant floor heating. This extremely comfortable heating solution warms your home from the floor up, allowing for constant and uniform heat distribution without hot and cold spots. Radiant floor heating is ductless heating. By eliminating the sound of forced air the total system noise is reduced. Compass Series water-to-water units are also reversible and capable of providing chilled water for air conditioning.

Industry-leading Features & Benefits:

  • Innovative mechanical design increases this unit’s life expectancy, increases your home’s air comfort and produces extremely high cooling efficiencies and some of the highest heating capacities on the market today.
  • This exceptional heat pump is housed in a dramatic champagne colored appliance-grade cabinet. Embossed doors are an example of our unparalleled attention to detail.
  • The service friendly design simplifies installation and allows the dealer easier access to your system in order to keep it operating at peak efficiency.
  • GeoComfort hydronic systems can be used in various applications other than space conditioning including domestic hot water, pool and spa heating, and snow/ice melt.
  • GeoComfort Compass Series water-to-water units are up to 400% efficient. For every one unit of energy that is put in, the geothermal system collects three free units from the earth. Simply put, you get four units of heat for the cost of one!
  • Warm floors for comfortable feet, all year long.
  • Radiating warmth.
  • Zoning options allow you to independently control the temperature in each part of your house.

GeoComfort systems are built in the heart of America with stringent quality control systems and the most comprehensive testing within the geothermal heating and cooling industry. The Compass Series: one more way the GeoComfort brand fits the way you live.

Common Water-to-Water Geothermal Installation
Common Water-to-Water Installation