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Two-Stage Vertical Packaged Unit

Two-Stage Vertical Packaged Unit

GVC Model

Step Out of the Cold. Step Into Comfort.

The all-new GeoComfort Cold Climate™ series is a purpose-built geothermal system. Developed specifically for heating dominant climates, Cold Climate vertical packaged geothermal systems have the highest overall heating capacity per cooling ton. Even in extreme cold, Cold Climate models perform well without additional, supplemental heat sources, resulting in lower operational costs.

TruBalance™ technology with advanced electronics balances heating and cooling capacities to ensure year round comfort. All models are designed to deliver exceptional humidity control in summer, while avoiding over-cooling the living space or short cycling the unit.

Unit Features:

  • 3 sizes: 036, 048, 060
  • Active Display front panel with safety lockout
  • One touch start-up
  • Smart desuperheater with 3rd stage heat disable
  • 100% front access
  • Stainless brazed plate heat exchanger (BPHX)
  • High and low access ports
  • TruBalance™ technology Factory-supplied 1” filter rack with EZ Clean filter
  • High efficiency Copeland UltraTech® 2-stage scroll compressor
  • R-410a zero-ozone depletion refrigerant
  • ECM blower motor
  • Desuperheater with internal pump
  • Optional tube-in-shell cupronickel coax
  • Standard 10/10/5 warranty + free warranty upgrade
  • Optional Limited Lifetime Compressor warranty