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We’re offering a 2% discount for all homeowners who sign a retro fit contract with us before June 30th 2011 and allow us to install the system on our schedule before September 30th 2011. Scheduling and completeing our jobs by area allows us to be more efficient, thus saving more time and money. We are always looking for ways to save our customers money and this is a way for us to pass our savings on to you.

If you figure in the 2% savings from Massmann Geothermal, the new 30% tax credit, an electrical company rebate of $150.00 to $400.00 per ton, you could be looking at a 41.6% savings on your installation!


         $25,000 (6 Ton System)
          - $7,500 (30% Tax Credit)
          - $2,400 (Possible Electrical Rebate)
          -    $500 (Early Sign Up Discount)
          = $14,600 (Total Cost - A Savings of 41.6%)